Painstaking Attention To Detail, Stringent Protocols & Procedures, Meticulous
Oversight & Inspections…
That’s How We GUARANTEE Your Replacement Windows Will Work EXACTLY As
Promised & Look Absolutely Amazing.

At Titan Exteriors, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide our clients the absolute best value for their money. Are their cheaper windows on the market? Sure, but when it comes to our windows, there is absolutely no better value. You see, those “cheaper” windows are what are referred to as “loss leads” and/or “builder/contractor grade” windows. As an add-on to another service like siding Titan can replace your home windows with high quality replacements.

In case you don’t know (and it’s a dirty little industry secret) is that those “cheap windows” are what are called builder grade or contractor grade windows. They are mass-produced only God knows where, on an assembly line, where they are allowed to have a “margin of error.” And this is what makes them so cheap.

Now a lot of “big box” retailers and other window dealers like to advertise these windows… that’s to get you in the door. Then they tell you all the reasons the windows you really want are these windows over here. Now they’ll still sell you those cheap builder grade windows if you really want them (otherwise it’s called bait and switch or false advertising.) And they’re even willing to take a “loss” on the windows (hence the term “loss lead”) because they know they will be able to “upsell” over 80% of the people that come in asking about the cheap advertised windows.

The reality is that we absolutely hate this type of selling tactic… and we hate cheaply made windows even more. And yes, hate is a strong word, but it’s the only word that adequately describes how we feel about these contractor / builder grade windows… and the damage that they cause homeowners. The damage to their wallet, their increased energy bills, and even worse, actual damage to their home when the fail. And trust us, here in the Pacific Northwest, they WILL FAIL.

At Titan Exteriors, we only do things one way… THE RIGHT WAY.

At Titan Exteriors You Will Get Windows With Superior Performance, Unrivaled Beauty and Extraordinary Energy Efficiency…Guaranteed.

At Titan Exteriors, we combine advanced technology, expert window installation (by master craftsmen), unique design combinations, and a start-to-finish proven process that revolves around your needs… the result? Visually stunning windows that:

• Reduce your energy bills
• Reduce drafts and increase comfort
• Improve home’s appearance
• Reduce or even eliminate your maintenance costs
• Increase the curb appeal of you home
• Increase the value of your home.

Every window is as unique as the homeowner who orders them. Our extensive selection of window frames, glass options and the ability to finish the window trim in any color you want is what separates us from the competition. We also meet or exceed all ENERGY STAR® energy efficiency performance criteria.

So if you’re convinced that we are the right company for your homes siding, give us the opportunity and let us show you we are also the right company for your windows.