We Don’t Just Get It Right – We Get It EXACTLY Right.


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When It Comes To Home Exterior Improvements, No One Works Harder, Does More, Or Does It Better Than We Do.

At Titan Exteriors, We Don’t Get It Right…
We Get It Exactly Right.

Did you know that when it comes to siding, windows, and doors, over 80% of the remodel happens “behind the walls” where you can’t see it? As a result, it’s just way too easy for less experienced contractors or even worse – less than reputable ones – to cut corners and hide marginal work.

That is why it is critically important that you trust your contractor.

At Titan Exteriors, our core value is simple: we will choose excellence over expediency every single time…NO EXCEPTIONS.

It’s why we take as long as it takes to get it exactly right. We don’t rush, we don’t hide mistakes, and we absolutely NEVER cut corners to pad profits. It’s the reason why we absolutely refuse to play pricing games, or use high pressure sales tactics. It’s why we absolutely refuse to use anything that we wouldn’t put in our own homes. And It’s also why we refuse to hire “day laborers.” In fact, all of our installers are direct employees of the company… and they are highly trained and highly skilled at what they do

Because at the end of the day, every time you pull into your driveway, you are going to be reminded of the remodeling company that did your home exterior project. And at Titan Exteriors, we don’t want to be remembered as the company that got it almost right… we want to be remembered as the company that got it EXACTLY right.

So if we sound like a company that you would like to do business with, give us a call at 503-746-7648, or use our contact form to get in touch. We would love to meet you and get you started on the home of your dreams.





Your commercial property can either be a money pit...or a money maker. How much do you spend on driveway, patio and deck maintenance? Let Titan Exteriors show you how you can save on maintenance costs and increase your properties appeal and aesthetic beauty in one simple step.


When it comes to your home, who are you going to trust? The Company that get's it almost right... or the company that get's it EXACTLY right? At Titan Exteriors, we pride ourselves in making sure that when we're done, that the job isn't just done right, but that it's done EXACTLY right.


Let’s face it. The weather here in the Pacific Northwest can be brutal. No wonder smart property owners are switching to our exclusive specialty coating systems. It's beautiful, durable, and saves them a ton of money on maintenance costs.

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Honesty & Integrity

Is it us? Or does it seem like just about everybody out there is looking for a way to cheat you out of your money?


Here is a dirty little secret of the construction industry: many companies hire unskilled and untrained day laborers to pad their profits.


If something goes wrong, who do you want to be able to call? A 800 number to God only knows where or the owner of the company?