Don’t Be Fooled.
Cheaper Prices Doesn’t Mean A Better Value.

The reality of today’s market place is there is always someone willing to build something a little cheaper or to work for a little less money. But don’t be fooled, the pennies you think you are saving today can cost you a fortune tomorrow in time, aggravation and money.

Let us explain.

We’ve been in the home remodeling industry since 1991. And if we’ve learned anything, we’ve learned one thing above all:

there is a stark difference between price, quality, and value.

The price is what you pay. Quality and value is what is going to change— for better or worse—based on the price your willing to pay. In other words, no one is going to work for free. Individuals that quote ridiculously low prices know they can make up the difference later by cutting corners. Consider that over 80% of a home improvement is what you can’t see. So how do you know if they used the required six nails or cut corners and only used 4?

Or worse, they’ll buy “off-the-shelf” builder-grade products and install them on your home. Builder- grade products are those products that are mass-produced on an assembly line only God knows where, to only who knows what standards.

“Builders” buy these products in bulk for extra cost savings. Those “quality” windows, doors, and siding products simply will not work as promised. Especially when they’re exposed to Pacific Northwest weather. We should know, we’ve spent the last decade replacing them.

Here at Titan Exteriors, we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that EVERY item we put in your home will perform as promised. We will never cut corners to pad profits, and we simply refuse to play pricing games. No generic “low-ball” estimates that are only going to change later. The price we quote is the price you pay.

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