Nothing Looks Better, Lasts Longer, Or Saves You More Money Than Our Specialty Waterproof Coating System.


Have you ever wished you had a beautiful deck that can last practically forever without the hassle of maintenance and resurfacing or re-painting/re-staining every couple years? You can! And, amazingly, it costs less than the artificial wood decks they sale at your nearest “D-I-Y” Big box retailer.

We Can Take This

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And Turn It Into This

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How Do We Do It?

Our systems consists of reinforced metal laths, installed with 3 different layers of coating, and then sealed with an acrylic top coat. Our system gives plywood the look and feel of concrete and can be finished in just about any textured finish and color that you can imagine.

Not to mention those business owners and managers who wish they could find a way to create (and keep) a beautiful floor in their lobby or eating areas that is easy to clean, beautiful, and requires little to no maintenance.

Well, now they can. Titan has partnered with the industry leader in coating systems – Westcoat. Their innovative technologies allow us the opportunity to create beautiful decks (or any other type flooring, like garages, workshops, restaurant floors, or even lobbies) that are waterproof, beautiful, and save them a ton of money

See The Process

Watch the video to learn more about how we can transform your old deck into a gorgeous waterproof surface.

We can customize the look of your deck with a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles.

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