Our Primary Business Is Home Exterior Siding,
But Customers Love Our Quality… and Our Prices,
So We Offer Add On Services.

As you probably already know (or have already read) there is a lot that can go wrong with siding and windows. As you also probably already know, we are totally committed to 100% customer satisfaction. So what exactly does that have to do with our offering of additional services? Glad you asked.

You see, many times we are called out to replace a homeowners siding and in the process of doing so, we come across a multitude of issues that the homeowner is probably not aware of. Like for example, their windows.

Contrary to popular belief, windows are extraordinarily complicated. And to work the way they are advertised, they must be installed with absolute precision. Windows must be plumb, level and square, or they simply will fail. If you have ever tried to open a window that was so tight it takes all your strength to open, or opens fine and then gets stuck halfway up… you know exactly what we are talking about.

So when we come across a problem, we immediately notify the homeowner and let them know of the issue and the possible solutions to their problem. And since we are there and already have the crews on site and their siding removed, we can normally save them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on getting some new windows installed… THE RIGHT WAY.

We currently offer two additional services to existing clients:


Get the RIGHT window installed the RIGHT way

And you could save hundreds (or thousands).

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Contrary to popular belief, painting a home is a science

Do it the RIGHT way, and it looks amazing and lasts twice as long.

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